Berlin Playgrounds Rock!

Sorry for the silence, we choose to stay away from the computer as much as possible while on vacation so we can be present and aware. We are still in Berlin and fully enjoying the last couple of days here! We'll be flying back home this Thursday and are already a little sad about leaving this amazing city. 
While in Berlin, we wanted to take in all this city has to offer, including amazing playgrounds everywhere you turn. They are made for kids to be adventurous and test their bodies abilities without having to make parents sweat. I wish we had more playgrounds like these in the US. They sometimes feel too safe and at times boring, it seems that Germans trust their kids more and let them explore without having to hover over them. I guess there is always the liability issue in the States as well which is too bad.
Many German parents sit quietly on the sidelines watching their kids and observing how they handle obstacles. They do help their kids if one structure becomes challenging, however they quickly exit to let their children keep on playing without adult supervision. 
Hamza truly enjoyed the freedom we gave him to explore and really excelled at obstacles. Faris was a little more careful and stuck with sandboxes and small challenges. It was great watching them from the bench without needing to intervene too much.
Playgrounds included zip lines, super long swings and crazy fast slides. Some even had themes like an Aladdin themed one ( not so much disney, but more like wood camels and tent like wood structures). 
We fully enjoyed spending time at these playgrounds and would recommend if traveling to Berlin to look up some playgrounds close to where you're staying. I am sure you'll find that there are a few within walking distance from where you're staying!

The pictures below are from a playground in a very busy part of town and seems to have been adorned with lots and lots of graffiti. Most others are not.


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    1. Erika, these things are no joke, they must have been designed by some big kid :)