Shared room mini tour

Most of the rooms in our home are always a work in progress. I am someone who loves to make a home feel like it's a collection of loved pieces and not a showroom. Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed many beautify done homes where the fabrics matched and the pictures hung perfectly on the walls, but that's not how my home looks like.  I have collected many thrifted and vintage pieces as well as affordable practical pieces over the years. One of my favorite places is our kids shared room. The crib is one that was gifted to us from my parents and the twin bed for our oldest is made in the USA. I am hoping to buy the same bed for the little man as soon as he's ready to transition. The school desk and chair was an estate sale find a few years ago, it cost us $3.00! I repainted it and voila a great nightstand it's one of my favorite pieces. The cloud pillows were a project I did a few years back and most of the soft toys were gifts from family and friends.
As I mentioned, the room is still a work in progress but I kind of like the simplicity of it right now.


  1. I ADORE this room. It's a perfect mix of modern and nostalgic, and I love me some neutrals!

  2. Thank you Suzanna, neutrals are always the go to in our home.