Time is on my side, yes it is

Yesterday, I turned thirty four years old. The age, or the number if you will, doesn't really bother me or make me question my existence or anything deep like that. I do, however, realize how quickly years pass after you have children. Now, I know, this is what everyone tells you when you are young and naive but really, it does fly insanely fast. Today is Thursday, I swear yesterday was Monday. This is how most of my weeks go by. Chaos rules the workdays, once the weekend comes you think that it will be this time to relish and take in and get stuff done but it flies even faster than the weekdays did. You are left with unfinished projects and plans not executed and you tell yourself " Next week, I'll get that done next week for sure" or "I'll play with the kids more next week". The thing is, next week is not the solution. Next week is chaos. (sounds depressing I know, I promise it's not, bare with me for a second here...) I guess what I'm trying to say is that waiting and making crazy long to do lists of projects and plans that create anxiety and the feeling of failure is not the solution here, at least not for me and my feelings towards time. I want to make this year a year of less planning and projects, I want to make it less about accomplishing. Instead, I want to work on being satisfied with projects not being done. I want to enjoy the process without the pressure of accomplishment. I want to be OK with it. This year is for placing less expectations on myself. Not sure how I'm going to get there yet though. You see I spent six years of my life as a refugee and probably six more as an immigrant. The status was "waiting ", I always felt that I was waiting for life to start again. So making these lists and having high expectations was a way of catching up on time that has long been lost. A way of saying " see I still accomplished a lot, even though I lost many years". I want to be OK, I want to make piece with time. Time, let's be friends :)

For my birthday, I treated myself to new grays-be-gone roots at Indigo Salon and had a romantic birthday dinner at Hen of the Wood which was out of this world good. If you haven't been, do your taste buds a favor, treat yourself to a great culinary experience!

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