Summer is going to be good!

Our weekend was jam packed with all kinds of good old outdoor play. Saturday we celebrated our littlest and him turning two! Time flies when you're having fun and he is just so charismatic that every minute spent with him is pure happiness. My heart is full!

Since most of Saturday was spent setting up and cleaning up after the birthday party, we decided that Sunday would be just a day to be outside and enjoy this nice weather we've been having. The kids and I spent the morning riding bikes and playing in sprinklers. The afternoon was easy going with backyard play and some water table fun. Hamza acquired a dinosaur dig kit form the Smithsonian and spent an hour and a half digging up the bones while I got to lay out for a bit ( thank you Smithsonian, because of you I am not quite as see through as I was before). Being in the sunshine did us all so good. After the winter we've had, I vow to enjoy and take in the sunshine whenever I can get it.

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