"Ich bin ein Berliner!" Part I

me and my sleeping baby boy last on our trip to Croatia

At one point in my life I lived in Germany, many, many moons ago! I spent my wildest teenage years in the famous Nuremberg roaming the streets with friends, smoking cigarettes, wearing Docs and listening to Nirvana, ahhhh the 90's.  I left Germany in 2008 and was devastated to leave my friends behind, it was really tough for me and I was not quite sure if or when we'll ever go go back to visit.

Fast forward many years, and I'm now married to this handsome guy who's parents still live in Germany, BERLIN to be exact! This year we're going to take the kids for a two and a half week trip to spend sometime with their grandparents. I visited Berlin while we were still dating and after we got married as well and I fell in love. This time is slightly different, because of the kids we'll have to plan our days if we want to see everything we plan to see. Amer's parents are excited to give us some alone time too, so I'm really excited to make a list of places to see without kids.

We're leaving in a few days and I've been making list, packing lists, places-to-see lists, running maps(!!!), and to-do-at-home-before-we-leave lists. Anyways, did I mention how EXCITED I am!!!! I miss Germany so much, the clean cities, the always on time U-Bahn and the Turkish street food!!! SO much goodness!

I will document the process of a minimal and simple travel plan, packing list and travel itinerary. I believe that travel should be easy, no one needs a million pieces of clothing and cosmetics, we do it for convenience but in reality it's a burden. We love to travel light, so I've been thinking and came up with this : two pieces of luggage we'll check in and one small carry on. We may bring the stroller or the Ergo but that's not decided yet. I will buy most of the bulkier stuff there such as diapers and shampoos and since my in-laws have a washing machine in their apartment I plan to bring a minimal amount of clothing.

I do plan to share my travel experience here and hopefully help some parents who want to travel but find that the idea of traveling with small children is too daunting to even try. I promise it's not hard at all it may take some planning but once you've figured it out and you have the right mindset ( most important step ) then the journey can begin!

BERLIN here we come!


That day will come...

The day will come when one of my children will ask to be told the whole story, when one of them will want to know the truth. That day is the day I dread the most. I dread it because in that moment the world as they know it will drastically change and become the word as we know it.

I believe in kindness, truthfulness and honesty. I believe in equality and most of all I believe in coexistence and peace. I want to believe that most people are good and that the good will always pre vale. I want to believe this so badly... but the truth is I can't. I was ten years old when I found out that having a different name can mean the difference between life and death, that the basement is the safest place in my home and that a "camp" and a "convoy" have no longer the same meaning as they did before. I won't share the whole story here this is not why I intended this post to be about. We were refugees, immigrants, permeant residents and finally new Americans. We have been blessed to have found a good life in a safe place and where people welcomed us with open arms. This is deeply valued in my heart and the hearts of my family and friends. However, I can't help but feel a deep nostalgia when I can't go and visit my "home" in Bosnia. This year was especially hard since we got to spend a few weeks visiting last summer and all the memories are still fresh. I can't help but think what my life would have been like if only...

I dread the day when my sons ask to be told the whole story, when they learn about violence and real guns that kill people and leaving home and not knowing where you're going. That I dread the most! I wish that I could shelter them from ever finding out, but I can't. However, I will pour every ounce of my being into making compassionate caring people out of them.


Forever Young Treehouse

My husband was away this weekend so my boys and I spent a lot of time exploring parks and beaches. We love visiting this treehouse and finding little treasures along the way. Mostly, they collect sticks and stones while I enjoy this peaceful time with them...


Kids gallery wall

I don't know why but I have a hard time throwing away kids artwork. Maybe it's the way they proudly present them to me or the way they focus while working so hard to produce these pieces of artwork, either way it's as their mama I can't help but feel some guilt when they end up in the recycle bin.
I found a way to give them some life before they go away to be recycled and made into something new. The above picture is our playroom/dining room. Doing a little collage of their work on the wall was a great solution to not only enjoy their art but to also create a permanent gallery in our tiny home.