The Weekend

We welcomed summer with a bang over here in our tiny house. We had some good company on Friday and Saturday, my husbands twin brother was in town and we got to spend some time catching up with him. While we lived in New York, he was our next door neighbor and most days we'd see each  other at least once a day for a cup of coffee or a shared meal. We miss having him around so this was a great treat for us and the kids as well since they just adore having him around.

Saturday was a day for Farmers Market visits and outdoor play. The day ended on a bittersweet note where we ( my whole family and my husbands family ) watched Bosnia say goodbye to their first World Cup :( But there is a silver lining, this was our first ever World Cup so not too shabby I say.

Sunday, we spent some time with my parents eating good food, making silly chalk drawings and running with dido (grandpa) who was a good sport making my four year old very happy. We also snuck in some beach time and tried grilling a pizza (or two).
Bring on some more fun summer, we are ready!

his is lovely
 building legos on the deck
 stripes and quilts went to the beach...
 running is his middle name
less cheese next time

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