We are back!

We are back! Jet lagged and all, we flew in late Thursday night and wen't straight to bed. The kids woke up at 3:30am and we were on our way home by 5am. Yesterday, Faris came down with a cold and this morning I woke up with sinus pressure and a runny nose. While I try to recover and sort through the Berlin pictures, here are a few images of a trip to Shelburne Farms back in June which I forgot all about. I guess I meant to blog about it but it totally got pushed to the side. We absolutely love this place and try to visit a few times every summer to enjoy the beauty this farm has to offer!

Summer in Vermont
making music
He loves animals and is so very gentle with them
His therapy session. Shhhh do not disturb!


  1. Welcome home, and you are making me miss Vermont! It looks beautiful, love that flowering clover.

    xox Lilly

    1. Thank you Lilly, there is no place like home after all!