Takeout please!

Meals in our home have to be quick easy and healthy. I usually have about a half hour or so to put a meal on the table after a long day. I've developed some quick and easy meals that are my go to's when I'm pressed for time and when my kids seem like they will have a meltdown any moment now!

I love making a quick vegetable stir fry (pictured above), kale pesto pasta (kale pesto recipe from mama Smith) , smashed new potatoes and cherry tomatoes with some local free range chicken, veggie pizza with homemade dough ( I make ahead and freeze), Beans and rice with shredded chicken and avocado slices and always some form of salad!

...and sometimes I just wing it :)

If I do feel a meltdown coming on before the meal is finished, I usually serve the boys some fruit or light crackers before dinner.

P.S. Bad pictures above, I know! I take most of them in the evening with my poor little IPhone. I'm saving up for a camera, I promise pictures will eventually be better :)

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