Our first family trip

 I was not a blogger last year so I never got the chance to document our amazing trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia last June. 
Before every trip I get the case of travel anxiety. I love to travel but the weeks leading up to the trip are always filled with part extreme excitement and part worry about the craziest little things. This trip was a gigantic undertaking: two toddlers (one nursing), flying out of Boston ( three to four hour drive form here) and making our tight connections in London. We also had a driver picking us up from Zagreb to bring us to our first destination which was a two and a half hour car ride. All this is sure to give anyone some doubt if we have lost all of our marbles. So we said to each other that no matter what happened we'll keep a positive outlook and keep moving. So when the day came, all stars aligned and the kids were extremely calm. They slept for most of the trip!!!! All 12+ hours there and back. We even had a security officer at Heathrow pad down our sleeping toddler in the stroller while fast asleep. Anyways, the trip was amazing. Our Family welcomed us with open arms and our time there was spent enjoying the weather and reminiscing about our childhood. 
We spent four days with both of my grandmothers in my hometown Prijedor, after that we went to the beautiful Sarajevo and from there we took a road trip through the Southern parts of Herzegovina finishing our trip with a ten day beach vacation on the Croatian coast. The trip was filled with Nutella ice cream ( yes!), great seafood and air smelling like rosemary, evergreens and seawater. Oh and figs, oh glorious purple figs.  
I have many pictures from this trip and it's so hard to choose which once to use since they're all so great. Here are just a few of them that show the beauty of this reagion. 

***The entire Balkan region especially Bosnia and Herzegovina was heavily hit with extreme flooding and landslides this past week. Thousands of families have been misplaced and there is a shortage of clean water and basic necessities. If you would like to help, please see my Instagram profile @atinygrowinghouse, I've posted a link where to safely donate to the people of Bosnia.   

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