All the books in the world...

I guess we have a lot of books over here?! Yikes! Here is one more project we did at about the same time as our mellow yellow book box. 

We purchased this antique vacuum cleaner box at Barge Canal Market one of our local antique spots. We thought the size was perfect for the large amount of books our boys have collected over the years. 
I won't bore you with a step by step instruction manual on how to do this project because it is pretty simple and self-explanatory. We just cleaned the box well since it smelled like it sat in a barn for a long, long time. I used a damp cloth and some soap and scrubbed it inside and out. We purchased a couple of pairs of wheels at the local hardware store, probably an inch and a half in diameter or so,  drilled them into all four bottom corners and voila a place to store some books. Simple, right? This box sits in our "unfinished" playroom ( I keep changing it around all the time) but it could easily be housed in the living room since it has a great antique look. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and to all of my mama's  Happy Mother's Day! 

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