Sun & sand/ Memorial Day at the beach

searching for treasures

first of many (both self made pedis and sand under my feet)

my boys

my favorite picture from the trip

this dude

flying kites ( we lost this one because of the strong winds) there was crying involved

me and my boys
We took a short trip this Memorial Day Weekend to the Cape Cod. We love traveling and hope that in the future we can have many more trips together with our children. Trips like these make the every day grind worth while for sure! Our friends invited us to spend some time at their families vacation home in West Yarmouth. We played at the beach, ate fresh seafood and enjoy the sunshine. It was quite windy so we only spent a couple of hours at the beach on Saturday. Sunday was spent relaxing while the kids played and explored. We even collected some "ocean artifacts" so Hamza could share them with his preschool class which happens to be learning all about the ocean this month.

We came back home late Sunday night and spent Monday working on some projects around the house. We even had some time to take a RowVT class in the morning and have a mini date with bagels and coffee at Myer's Bagel Bakery.

This was a wonderful Memorial Day.

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