a mellow yellow book box

I recently purchased this, what I think is, milk crate. I needed a box for library books that I could keep in our living room. I am not sure how old the crate is but there was a significant amount of rust on it when I brought it home. I sanded down as much as I could and cleaned the wires with a damp towel and some dr. bronner's soap before I placed the books inside. My intention was to paint it right away but three months passed and it still didn't get done (go figure). Anyways, I finally got to it and made this my project today with the intention to start and finish TODAY. So here it is pretty simple, I think it took me two hours (while Faris napped, he napped for almost four!!!) to paint and dry. I used Rust-oleum mellow yellow and spray painted the first coat on. After it dried ( about an hour or so) I did one more coat and placed it in a sunny spot on our porch. I love the way it came out, no more rusty wires, yay!

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